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step 1 : install php

First, access , then download press “install PHP” button.

Then, click “install now”, download the file from the Website and open it.

Later, there will be a window shows your to install PHP.

And also there maybe need to download 3 files for installation.

Then accept, “next”. and after installation. You already build PHP on Windows.


step 2 : configure CGI

after that, maybe you want to test whether it can work.

But actually it didn’t finish yet.

You still need to follow 1 step which is :

Open the control panel -> find “Program” ->turn Windows Features on or not” -> “Internet Information Services” -> “World Wide Web Services” -> Application Development Features” -> and Select “CGI” ->Press “OK”

Then wait for a while……


step 3 : testing

Until now, you almost finish, so let’s have a test.

follow here.

Go to your “C:\inetpub\wwwroot” folder, and create a php file.

You can use Notepad, open Notepad and type:






Then save the file and named as “phpinfo.php” in the folder.

And to open your browser, and type “localhost/phpinfo.php” to address.


If you can see the php version information, means the work has done.