Forcing yourself, you will become great !

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Such A Feeling


Experience can change the life, but books only can change your mind or the way to see the world … …

1. A person, if you do not force myself , you never know how good you are.

(Should do, not just thinking)

2. Making money is an ability, spending money is a level of ability. Making can be practiced, spending level cannot be easily practiced.

(Save money is a level of ability)

3. A person’s knowledge can be obtained by learning, but one’s growth, must be honed.

(No pain no gain)
4. There are many books in this world, but only a few books can change life.

(Read the books which have benifits for you)

5. There are a lot of friends in this world; but can be entrusted with the life, only a few friends.

(Trust the person who are worthy //Donot miss the person who are wrothy)

6. If we find a person or place or thing or a book which can change your life. Must to find Some way to make a relationship with them, otherwise, it wont have any relations with you.

(Seize the opportunity)

7. Smile from the heart.

(Be the true man)

8. A person, who needs the courage to listen to the truth; a person can say the truth, who needs courage.
(accept and suggest advice)
9. One thing, you can do it, try to do it better; don’t know how to do, doing without basis. Do it more, you will know how to do; but firstly, you must do it. 

(Action is important)

10. There are 2 kinds of sucessful person in the world. One is idiot, one is madman. Idiot will suffer fool, madman will act.

(No one without doing anything can be suceessful)

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