Have a healthy life

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Such A Feeling

All of people want to have a healthy life. Of course, including me.

But most of time, I always ignore myself to be more healthy, although I wish I could do it better.

To be healthy, for me, I think I should to begin with my time planning. I always sleep at afternoon, and get up at midnight. It is very bad for my body. This one should be changed.

Other one is the personal hygiene. I am a very lazy man, although I notice my hygiene, but I still want to skip some steps to keep cleaning for everyday before I go to bed. In this part, I think I have the potential to progress. Keep cleaning and have a good feeling.

The third manner that I can’t keep doing further is the diet. I should eat more healthy food and pay more attention to the cooking. And I should eat the food at the eating time. It is not neccessary to eat full, but should eat at least. It is good for my stomach.

A final thing i need to remember is water. Should drink water everyday, should drink 1000 – 1500 ml.

The proper exercise also will keep you having a good health. So if you have the free time, please take a few minutes to do some exerices. But dont forget bathing if you generate a lot of sweat. Cause the sweat also will clog your pores after you finish exercises.

Hope I can follow the rules that I write and persist to do that !

Thanks for reading my dears.


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